"And above all, watch with glittering eyes
the whole world around you, because the greatest
secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it."

>> Roosa, 18, Finland. I like female characters, geography and sleeping.

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"But sometimes you just have to accept that some things simply cannot remain the same."
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Title: Hoist the Colours  /  Artist: Hans Zimmer


ASOIAF/GOT characters meme: 11/?
Sarella Sand alias Alleras the Sphinx, the fourth of the Sand Snakes

Sarella Sand is one of the famous Sand Snakes, the bastard children of Oberyn Martell. Her mother is a merchant from the Summer Islands and the captain of the Feathered Kiss.

Sarella has a reputation for insatiable curiosity and “pushing in where she didn’t belong”. It is widely believed that Sarella Sand is in disguise in Oldtown as the novice Alleras, studying for a maester's chain as her father did before her.

After Oberyn’s death, Prince Doran hopes that Sarella will show more sense than her older sisters.

Alleras, also called the Sphinx, has been at the Citadel for a year, and has forged three links in his Maester’s chain, the most recent of which is copper. He displays remarkable skill with a bow, which is consistent to the knowledge that Oberyn Martell trained all of his daughters with weapons.

By the time Samwell Tarly arrives in Oldtown, Alleras appears to have come into the confidence of Archmaester Marwyn. He seeks Samwell out as soon as he enters the Citadel and instructs him to go to Marwyn. 
Alleras is described as a slim, slight, comely youth with slim arms and shoulders. He also has dark brown skin, curly black hair, a widow’s peak, and black eyes, which are well known features of Oberyn Martell.

Samwell was told by Maester Aemon that “the Sphinx is the riddle, not the riddler”, for Alleras’ figure is very mysterious.

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Run you bastards!

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I have to find another path. Divine my own future. One uniquely mine. Not a page from someone else’s book. Not a fate that begins and ends on page one.

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Mélanie Laurent by Felix Lammers for Madame Figaro

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